No two sets of teeth are exactly alike. When asked the common question: when will my child need to start wearing braces, the general answer is to have them visit Huerter Orthodontics at seven years of age.

Dr. Tom and his team will give your child’s mouth a full assessment. We work with children, teens and adults – and have for over 25 years!

Recommendations and future plans will be made during the first consultation. Some children will wear braces in two phases. This can be likely, especially if the dentist has already indicated that your child will need orthodontic attention at an early age.

You are an individual.

There is no specific time that every child will need braces. At age seven, some of their permanent teeth are in place and an orthodontist should be able to tell what the future holds. Some children are not done getting their permanent teeth until the age of eleven. It’s best to work with your child’s dentist and follow their recommendations. Once they’re in about the second grade, make an appointment with Dr. Tom.

Signs that your child might need braces and should be seen by a professional:

  • Overcrowding
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Hidden teeth under the gums
  • Missing teeth
  • Problems with bite
  • Abnormal spacing between teeth

Did you wear braces yourself?

A lot of orthodontic issues are genetic. If either of the child’s parents had issues with their teeth growing up, he or she might also.

The best age for braces varies. It depends all on the patient and their unique needs. Braces or not, it’s best to know in order to plan ahead. Getting ahead of a problem could save you time and money. We hope to see your child (and maybe even you) soon!