• Overbite

    Overbite: Causes and Treatment

    Posted by:Date:11/13

    When is the right time for orthodontic care when it comes to overbites? The earlier the problem can be corrected the better. Since this is a common problem many people experience,  you can be more aware of your teeth and jaw. We have outlined what causes ...

  • Fixing Gaps in Your Teeth

    Fixing Gaps in Teeth at Huerter Ortho

    Posted by:Date:10/24

    Have you seen a large gap between two front teeth? Or maybe a few smaller ones? You may want to figure out why these happen in the first place. Let’s talk about why Huerter Orthodontics recommends fixing gaps in teeth.

  • difference between an orthodontist and a regular dentist

    Difference Between an Orthodontist and a Regular Dentist

    Posted by:Date:10/11

    Maybe you have a nagging pain in your mouth or you are worried about your crooked teeth. Who do you go see? Even without any pain you should be making some regular visits. While both orthodontists and dentists are both here for oral health, they can help ...

  • Does Your Child Need Early Orthodontia Treatment?

    Posted by:Date:09/28

      As orthodontic knowledge and technology advance, treatment time shrinks. If you were to open a high school year book from the 1950’s, you would most likely see many more smiles with braces than today. This is not just because treatment time has ...

  • protecting an athlete's teeth

    Protecting an Athlete’s Teeth

    Posted by:Date:09/11

    We can guess that you have probably seen the photos of the hockey players missing teeth. Most of us want to keep happy and healthy smiles throughout the family. Simply follow these tips for protecting an athlete’s teeth.

  • How Oral Hygiene Affects Overall Health

    Posted by:Date:07/20

      For most people, great oral hygiene is a hard habit to maintain. From brushing and flossing to mouthwash and eating properly, there is a lot that goes into caring for your teeth and gums.

  • Do Wisdom Teeth have to be Removed?

    Posted by:Date:07/6

      Your wisdom teeth are the third and final molars to develop. It is not necessary to have wisdom teeth removed if they are correctly positioned and do not cause pain or oral problems.

  • Can I have Braces on Just the Top or Bottom Teeth?

    Posted by:Date:06/27

      Straightening just the top or bottom teeth with braces is a possibility; however, there may be more to your situation than you see in the mirror. After discussing with your doctor, you could discover that while only one row of your teeth appears ...

  • Modern Solutions for Teen and Adult Orthodontics

    Posted by:Date:06/19

      Ideal treatments for teens and adults looking for speedy and discrete teeth straightening   Orthodontic treatment is not only for middle school students. Thanks to modern technology, Huerter Orthodontics is able to offer teens, parents, and ...

  • Orthognathic Surgery

    Posted by:Date:06/12

    Orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, is necessary when someone needs to correct skeletal abnormalities. An open bite, a protruding jaw, or a receding lower jaw is an example of a problem that could be corrected by jaw surgery. Most ...

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