• The Perfect Age to Get Braces in Douglas County , NE

    The Perfect Age to Get Braces

    Posted by:Date:12/21

    Folks with orthodontic problems in Douglas County, NE can benefit from treatment by a professional orthodontist at any age. Your teeth are unique, just like you. Huerter Orthodontics in Douglas County, NE can evaluate your oral health care needs and ...

  • Can I Get Braces From My Dentist? in Douglas County, NE

    Can I Get Braces From My Dentist?

    Posted by:Date:12/14

    Can my general dentist provide me with orthodontic care? The easy answer is “Yes, a general dentist CAN offer a patient this treatment.” If a dentist can align and straighten a patient’s teeth with braces as well as an average orthodontist, then they are ...

  • Tips for Choosing an Invisalign Treatment Provider in Douglas County, NE

    Tips for Choosing an Invisalign Treatment Provider

    Posted by:Date:12/7

    Most of us are not born with that red-carpet-ready celebrity smile. In fact, most well-known celebrities are not born with their red-carpet smiles either. However, that fantastic smile is now within reach in Douglas County, NE with the help of Invisalign ...

  • Orthodontist in Omaha, NE

    What Is the Perfect Age to Begin Taking My Child to the Orthodontist?

    Posted by:Date:10/2

    As a child develops, one of the first things parents begin to feel concern about is their child’s oral health. Dr. Tom Huerter of Huerter Orthodontics in Omaha, NE is often asked if a child may eventually need orthodontic attention, what the signs are to ...

  • Invisalign Blair, NE

    How Old Does My Child Have to Be to Start Invisalign?

    Posted by:Date:09/25

    Dr. Tom Huerter and the professionals at Huerter Orthodontics in Blair, NE have the skill and experience to help their younger patients start Invisalign clear aligners for their orthodontic treatment needs. Opportunity Treatment with Invisalign clear ...

  • How Can Braces Fix Crooked Teeth?

    Posted by:Date:09/19

    Dr. Huerter and the orthodontic professionals at Huerter Orthodontics are experts in treating malocclusions with braces near Bellevue, NE. Crooked teeth, or malocclusions, are a misalignment or an improper relation of the dental arches between the teeth ...

  • Why Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

    Posted by:Date:09/11

    Dr. Huerter and the professionals at Huerter Orthodontics near Desoto, NE know that a thorough dental evaluation will reveal how your child’s teeth and mouth are growing. To evaluate how a child’s teeth are developing, the American Association of ...

  • Invisalign Blair NE

    Is Invisalign Teen Right for My Child?

    Posted by:Date:09/6

    For teens, the idea of undergoing orthodontic treatment may be a stressful prospect. No one wants to look at photos of their teenage-era summer vacation, cousin’s graduation party, or everyday Instagram candids and feel self-conscious about their smiles. ...

  • Orthodontist Ralston NE

    What Color Braces Should I Get Next?

    Posted by:Date:09/1

    Most folks who are undergoing orthodontic treatment with Dr. Tom Huerter of Huerter Orthodontics near Herman, NE don’t intend to make a statement with their braces. Then there are patients who do. If you are straightening your teeth with braces, why not ...

  • Smiling dentist in front of another dentist working on a patient

    Dentist or Orthodontist? What’s the Difference?

    Posted by:Date:08/18

    Dr. Tom Huerter of Huerter Orthodontics near Council Bluffs, NE has some tips to help patients to distinguish between a dentist and an orthodontist. The difference between an orthodontist and a dentist may be indistinguishable to some people. Something ...

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