As orthodontic knowledge and technology advance, treatment time shrinks. If you were to open a high school year book from the 1950’s, you would most likely see many more smiles with braces than today. This is not just because treatment time has shortened, but problems are recognized earlier and earlier. At Huerter Orthodontics, we want to help you decide if your child is in need of early orthodontia treatment.


Seven is the Magic Number

Your child usually will need to reach a certain level of physical maturity before he or she can visit the orthodontist. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends children see an orthodontist as early as age seven. There are certain situations in which you child will need earlier treatment, but only in rare situations. Most children have healthy smiles that just need a little bit of straightening.


Prevent Future Problems

The benefit of bringing your child in early is that you can solve any orthodontic issues early. At a young age, the jaw is still growing and malleable. These conditions make the jaw ideal for adjustments and corrections like a palatal expander. By being proactive, you can prevent a variety of future issues that can become worse with time.


Avoid Future Treatment

Though Invisalign offers high school students a solution to traditional braces, by that age most children prefer to avoid orthodontic treatments. Having that beautiful smile ready for senior year photos can be all that matters to a high school student. Taking care of your child’s teeth in elementary or middle school means having straight, beautiful teeth sooner rather than later. And most children in elementary school love having a colorful mouth full of braces.

Special Situations

There are certain symptoms that a child should see an orthodontist for before the age of seven. If your child has protruding teeth, you should see an orthodontist immediately. Teeth that stick out horizontally towards the gums can cause serious injury if a child falls. A crossbite occurs when an upper tooth is improperly aligned with a lower tooth. For example, if all the upper teeth bite down on the outside of the bottom teeth, but one tooth bites on the inside, your child has a crossbite.


To avoid these problems and prevent future issues, choose early orthodontia treatment for your child. Nothing bad will happen if you bring your child in for a checkup at the age of seven or earlier. Most likely your child will have no issues, and a timetable for treatment will be set. Give us a call at Huerter Orthodontics to set up an appointment for your child today.


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