Fixing Gaps in Your Teeth

Have you seen a large gap between two front teeth? Or maybe a few smaller ones? You may want to figure out why these happen in the first place. Let’s talk about why Huerter Orthodontics recommends fixing gaps in teeth.

It may be that your teeth are smaller in proportion to the jaw bone, resulting in spaces. If you have very small teeth or are missing any, the other teeth may spread out creating more gaps. You may not guess this one, but if you sucked your thumb as a child it can force front teeth forward resulting in a gap, too. Pushing your tongue against your teeth when you swallow can do the same thing.


For a healthy smile you will want to have those gaps fixed.The earlier the better. Most people have this done for cosmetic reasons, but you will find more healthy teeth overall. More gaps could mean more food getting caught, plaque buildup, and bad breath. Fixing gaps in your teeth now can save you other issues and needed appointments later.


Upon an evaluation treatment for gaps between teeth (aka disastema), options may include tooth-colored resins, braces, retainers, and veneers. If any gum disease accompanies the issue, you will want to work on regular dental hygiene and regular teeth cleanings in the meantime.


Schedule a free consultation today with Huerter Orthodontics. You will find trusted orthodontic care for you and your family. Your smiles will thank you later.


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