Ideal treatments for teens and adults looking for speedy and discrete teeth straightening


Orthodontic treatment is not only for middle school students. Thanks to modern technology, Huerter Orthodontics is able to offer teens, parents, and professionals the same beautiful, healthy smile they give to young children. Now, with Invisalign® and AcceleDent®, anyone can achieve their desired alignment without traditional braces, virtually pain free and faster than ever before!



Invisalign® combines modern technology with 100-year-old science to straighten your teeth without wires and brackets. Using a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners, Invisalign® is virtually undetectable. Because the treatment is almost “invisible,” Invisalign® is the ideal solution for adult orthodontics. With Invisalign®, you will not have to worry about the wires, meaning that you can eat whatever you want; imagine how happy your teen will be!


Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Visit Tom Huerter a Top 1% Provider
  2. Your provider determines the number of aligners you will need
  3. Each aligner is worn for about a week, taken out only to eat, brush and floss, until your desired smile is reached.



Faster orthodontic treatment with outstanding results is now an option! Huerter Orthodontics offers AcceleDent®, a simple, hands-free device to support your orthodontic treatment and potentially accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%! AcceleDent® uses SoftPulse Technology™ to generate small vibrations to enhance movements directed by your orthodontics, while reducing discomfort.


The AcceleDent® system is FDA cleared. Simply wear the mouthpiece for 20 minutes a day for faster and more comfortable orthodontia treatment. Contact Huerter Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment and ask about AcceleDent®!



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