When is the right time for orthodontic care when it comes to overbites? The earlier the problem can be corrected the better. Since this is a common problem many people experience,  you can be more aware of your teeth and jaw. We have outlined what causes an overbite and how to fix it.

Many times an overbite may not be prominently noticeable. If the upper teeth protrude and overlap the lower teeth, an overbite is present. A large percentage of children develop this to some sort of extent. If not treated, the problem can persist and cause other issues. Even some crooked teeth may be a result of jaw misalignment.


First of all, it could simply be hereditary. The shape and size of the jaw and teeth affect how they line up. Certain behaviors out of habit can lead to stronger overbites, as well. Consider thumb-sucking and pacifier use in infants or nail-biting or biting down on pens as an adult. All of these things place pressure on teeth and jaws, and overbites form as a result.


Your mouth corrects for it by overcompensating with certain muscles, which can cause strain initially. A chronic overbite can eventually result in symptoms of headaches, ear pain, muscle fatigue, and joint pain. Therefore, it could also interfere with the mechanics of chewing, biting, and eating food. Other problems can include speech issues along with increased chances of dental and tissue trauma. In addition, intermittent or regular pain can be experienced and wearing down of teeth may occur.


As with many orthodontic treatments, we recommend the sooner the better. Most of all, regular orthodontic checkups and care are key to preventing bigger issues later for children and adults. Plus, while a child’s mouth is still developing, the treatment is much less complicated and more options may be available.

We take molds and x-rays to find the initial cause for an overbite. Braces and retainers are the common tools used to correct overbite and misaligned jaws. Some teeth can be removed, as well when overcrowding has become apparent. The case could be more severe, perhaps even neglected for too long. Consequently, oral surgery in adults is a more invasive option.


Schedule a free consultation today with Huerter Orthodontics. Correcting overbites make for healthier smiles and happier people. You’ll be glad you did! We always recommend regular checkups to prevent bigger issues.

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