protecting an athlete's teeth

We can guess that you have probably seen the photos of the hockey players missing teeth. Most of us want to keep happy and healthy smiles throughout the family. Simply follow these tips for protecting an athlete’s teeth.

Mouth Guard

For your football players, hockey gurus, and soccer fanatics you can’t go wrong with a mouth guard. You can look for relatively inexpensive options over the counter. But if you are in braces, you need to ask your orthodontist for a special mouth guard. They are free of charge at our office and are made to be worn with braces. Your child’s smile will thank you later.

Skip Sugary Sports Drinks

This one may start to sound simple. We usually work up a sweat and a great thirst during physical sporting activities. From the warm-up to shaking hands with the opponents at the end of the game, water is always your best option to rehydrate. Those sports drinks generally come with plenty of sugar. Your athletes in training may not be too excited to know that the more sugary sports drinks they consume, the more dentist visits they may have coming up. These sugars promote bacteria in our mouths to produce more acid, breaking down more enamel on our teeth and likely causing more cavities. You will find more plaque buildup, too.

Practice Makes Perfect

We all know we’ve heard it before. Eat healthy, brush your teeth every time you eat, and floss at least once each day. Well, if we are already in the habit of practice makes perfect when it comes to our game, we should do the same at home. Stronger teeth can stand up better if any injuries would occur. It happens.


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