Above and beyond – a thank you

Dear Dr. Huerter and staff,

I have never had a bad experience at your offices – and we are on our forth child getting braces through your office! I would like to share a story from our last visit at your office:

As usual, it was a rush to get out the door for the appointments. We live an hour away and I picked up the kids from school and we were on our way. I was out of town by fifteen minutes when I glanced at my fuel gauge and knew that I would need to get gas while down in the city. Sure enough, the alarm goes off that I am on low as I drive into the city. It was then that I glanced at the seat beside me for my purse. No purse. I asked the kids if my purse was in back. No purse. No billfold. No check book. No cash. No credit card. I looked in my lunch bag from work and I had $1.50. As I went through my options in my head I concluded I have few.

We arrived at the office and after checking my kids in, I embarrassingly confessed my predicament to the gal at the desk, Rhonda. We did have a good laugh at the situation and she immediately reassured me that they would help me out. I stepped away to help my daughter with her teeth brushing and when I returned, Rhonda had her purse pulled out and said ‘from one mother to another’ and gave me $40.00 cash. She was willing to give me more if I thought I needed more, but it was more than enough and I was so grateful for her kindness and generosity.

I did get her address and reimbursed her by mail, along with a personal thank you, but I also wanted to make it known to the rest of the office. Thank you to Rhonda. I appreciated her help so much that day! I did feel that your office would have helped in some way, but Rhonda was took it upon herself and came to my rescue. I am sure you all know what great people you have to work with in your office, but I wanted to let you know we, the customers, notice too!



I Appreciate Your Hard Work!

Dear Dr. Huerter,

I was a patient of yours back in the early 1990s. I wore braces for about 2.5 years – which felt like forever at that time!!

Since that time, I’ve been to a sizable number of dentists, and each and every one of them has complimented your work.

I just wanted you to know that after all these years, I still appreciate your hard work.

Take Care,

I am a 60 y/o professional who decided it was finally time to get my teeth straightened – primarily for my dental and cardiovascular wellness. I found Dr. Tom Huerter to be thorough, thoughtful, and highly skilled. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. His entire staff was outstanding. Their care, concern, and manner were wonderful.

Very much pleased with all the ortho work done with our son Jared! He enjoys coming to see everyone and is very happy with how things are going! Thank you!!!