The most obvious reason to wear braces is the end result: a beautiful smile. But what other benefits are behind those perfectly positioned teeth? There are several reasons why people wear braces and they don’t all have to do with aesthetics. In fact, some people visit the orthodontist not knowing that issues with their teeth can mean much more than an unsightly smile. An attractive smile is actually just one of the many benefits to wearing braces.

As a child starts to grow into their adult teeth at about the age of seven, you will know whether or not orthodontic care is necessary. In fact, the dentist might be able to tell far earlier than that. Why is it so important to visit the orthodontist when the doctor recommends it? Braces are worn for many reasons and here are just a few benefits to wearing them.

Braces can help your bite.

One thing to watch out for is tooth alignment. If the jaw or teeth do not fit together properly many issues can occur. Speech can be affected. Your teeth and enamel can wear down more rapidly. Chances of injuring your teeth are also possible when having an issue with your bite.

Braces can help preserve the health of your teeth.

It is wonderful to have a beautiful looking smile, but it’s just as important – if not more – to make it a healthy one. Getting braces doesn’t always mean your teeth are not straight. There could be another issue happening that needs to be remedied. Making the spaces between teeth more even and accessible will allow for better brushing and flossing. If your oral hygiene is better, your teeth stay healthier.

Braces can help speech.

Did you know that the way your teeth are aligned can change your voice and annunciation? Proper tooth alignment can actually help the way you talk. Some people are affected by speech impediments like lisps or whistling. Getting braces can help.

Braces can help protect your teeth from trauma. 

You don’t want to crack or damage a tooth beyond repair. Protruding teeth can easily be in the way and cause teeth to collide. Trauma to the mouth can be irreversible. It’s best not to have teeth that are susceptible to damage in an accident. You could lose part of a tooth, a full tooth or worse. Fixing the problem before it occurs can actually save you money in the long run.

A lot of people see a pleasing smile as the main benefit to wearing braces. There could be many hidden or added benefits that you might not have thought of before. There are many reasons to give braces a try. Come in and see us for more information!