Have you ever met anyone that said they had to have braces two times? Do you ever wonder why? In many cases it’s because they did not wear their retainer. All the hard work, money and effort that goes into wearing braces or Invisalign can be reversed if you do not wear your retainer for the recommended amount of time. The reality is this: Teeth can move, even if you spend a few years with wires and brackets!


How long do I have to wear a retainer?


No two people are exactly alike, so your orthodontist will recommend how long you personally wear braces or Invisalign and how long to wear a retainer. Some people have stubborn teeth that want to go back to their original place. It makes sense, especially for those people that get braces later in life.

Younger patients need to wear a retainer because as their body grows their teeth might shift. The need for braces or Invisalign is no longer there, but a retainer becomes essential and can keep teeth where you want them.

There are also medical reasons for retainers after orthodontic treatment, like tongue thrust. It’s best to follow your treatment plan as closely as possible.


What if you misplace your retainer?


Never fear! We’re only a phone call away. As soon as you realize you’ve lost your retainer, call our office to schedule an appointment. The sooner the better, before your teeth begin to shift. It’s an easy process to get a new retainer. You’ll come into the office and a mold will be taken of your teeth. A few days later you’ll have a new retainer to use.

Don’t go without a retainer unless the orthodontist says you no longer need it. You never know when your teeth might want to shift. Some people wear removable retainers at night for a longer period of time. Some patients sleep with their retainers on for the rest of their lives, if they want their teeth in perfect alignment.


Keep that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!


You’ve worked hard to achieve a beautiful smile. Keep it looking great by following the recommended retention plan from your orthodontist. Now, if you are reading this and you’ve lost your retainer, just give us a at: 402-397-4226.